Our Process : Finn Financial Solutions | East Hampton, CT

Our Process

Our process is designed to help our clients successfully move from where they are in their story currently to where they would like to be.

Discovery phase

The initial phase of working with us starts with a lot of questions. Who and what are important to you? What are your hopes for those people? What are you working towards? Why is that important to you? Etc. Our hope is that we can truly get to know you and that you will get to know us. Once you are comfortable with us and we have clarified your goals we can move on to the next phase.

Data & Analysis

The next step once we have decided to move forward is the collection of information, things like family information (kids, parents etc.), income, assets, debt, current insurance coverage etc. Importantly we will also take some time to discuss your comfort level with financial risk, both your investment risk tolerance and also your ability to take on risk based on your current assets and cash flow.

We then can analyze where you are financially in relationship to where you are going. At this stage we want to identify potential gaps in your protection planning (income and asset protection) as well as project a monthly or annual savings rate towards that future goal that we spent time clarifying and defining in the Discovery phase.

Often, we find that there are multiple areas that need to be addressed so we will take the time to prioritize the next steps we need to take.

Presentation, Implementation & Review

Based on the goals we clarified in the Discovery phase and the information & priorities we developed during the Data & Analysis phase we can then start moving forward with implementing a customized financial strategy. At every step of the way we will take all the time that is necessary to help you understand the particular strategy, technique or product being recommended and how it relates back to your objectives.

It's a bit cliché to say that the only thing certain in this life is change but life happens. As life happens, your goals and circumstances may shift and your plans will need to shift with them. It’s important to have a regular review to make sure we stay ahead of any changes coming down the road.